Kannada new movies full 2014 | Circus kannada new movies full | Kannada Movies | Ganesh,

Kannada new movies full 2014 | Circus kannada new movies full | Kannada Movies | Ganesh,

Kannada new movies full 2014 | Circus kannada new movies full | Kannada Movies | Ganesh,


Ganesh, Archana Guptha (HP), Avinash Bharadwaj, Mithra, Pavan Kumar, Murali (HP), Avinash, Padmaja Rao, Achyuth Kumar, Aruna Balaraj, Manjaiah, Suma Rao, Sadhu Kokila, Gurudatth, Dharma, Muni, Arun Sagar, Layendra, Rekha Das, Bindushree, Sree (Crazy Mindz), Saikrishna (HP), Kanchana (HP), Thriveni, Renu, Yathiraj


Director Dayal Padmanabhan
Associate Director Jayaraj, M M Mutthu
Assistant Director Mahesh, Vinayak G H


Banner D Pictures
Producer Dayal Padmanabhan
Production Executive Suresh, Raju
Production Manager Anitha Vimalkumar


Story Dayal Padmanabhan, S Mahendar
Screenplay Dayal Padmanabhan
Dialogue Dayal Padmanabhan
Lyrics Jayanth Kaikini, Yogaraj Bhat, Kaviraj, Manjunath Rao

Other Crews:

Music Emil
Cinematography Shekar Chandra
Editor Jo Ni Harsha
Stunts Tiger Madhu, Ravivarma
Choreography Swarna Babu, Murali
Art Mohan Pandith
Costume Design Rajesh Shetty
Costume Layout Nagaraj, Subba Rao
Makeup Siddesh, Prabhakar (Ganesh)
PRO Nagendra
Publicity Designs Sai
Stills Srinath

Sound Recording:

Effects Rajan
Dubbing Artist Bhavana (Archana Guptha), Sudarshan, Mahesh, Ranjini, Veena, Asha

Censor Details:

Dated 12-01-2009
Length 4064 Mts
Color Color (Cinemascope)

Audio & Video:

Audio On Rock D Tracks
Video On Sri Ganesh Video
Runtime 139 min

Songs & Lyrics:

Song Singer Lyrics
Baaro Geleya
Karthik, Emil Kaviraj
Harish Raghavendra, Aarathi Yogaraj Bhat
Jeeva Hoovaagide
Aryan, Archana Udupa, Shehanaz, Gangothri Rangaswamy Manjunath Rao
Pisugudale Sonu Nigam Yogaraj Bhat
Pisugudale Naresh Iyer Yogaraj Bhat
Circus Karthik, Hemanth Kumar, Ranjith, Emil Manjunath Rao

Release info:

Release date 15-01-2009
Main Theater Aparna+Movieland
Weeks 3+1

Plot Summary:

The story is about Dhanush (Ganesh) and his group of friends who live in the railway colony and their meeting point is the railway station. Dhanush is the leader of the gang and just to have some fun, they decide to send a letter stating on a particular date a train travelling from Mysore to Bangalore will be exploding. However, what they realize later after posting is that one of the friend’s address is there on the letter. In a hurry, they get into the RMS bogie of the train and after a lot of twists finally manage to extract the letter from the pile. In this process, what Dhanush discovers is that the same day a real plot has been hatched by the terrorists to blow up the Gandhadagudi express so he decides to locate it and foil the plan. In the process of his journey, the friends take a break at one of the houses where Priya (Archana Gupta) and in no time, love blooms between Dhanush and her.

kannada new movies full 2014 Circus *ing Ganesh Archana Gupta Avinash Bharadwaj Padmaja Rao Avinash Gurudatt Dharma Mun
Dhanush and his groups of friends well known as pranksters play yet another prank on the Gandhadagudi express. They plan to spread rumor of a bomb being exploded in the train but somehow later realize that one of their friends address was written. They try their best to get the letter back but later get to know that it is not just a prank but a true incidence that would be taking place. What will happen to the train? Watch this movie to know more. #kannada

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